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boditrax technologies, is an innovative British company creating digital solutions for the health, fitness and wellness sectors. boditrax is precision body composition and cellular monitoring that fuses clinically validated hardware with simple, intuitive software.

Analysis, goal setting, tracking, reporting and sharing of individual and organisational data sets are all accessible in our secure cloud environment.

Metrics include weight, segmental muscle and fat, total, intra and extra cellular fluids, skeletal and abdominal cavity analysis, metabolic efficiency, metabolic age and cellular performance.

Integrations with other devices convey a broader image of health, wellness and behavioural change, all for review by professionals and individuals anytime, on any device.

boditrax technology is trusted by leading hospitals, universities, corporations, formula one, premier league football and other elite sports teams as well as public and private fitness, health and leisure operators. Designed and made in Great Britain with scalable systems for any organisation, boditrax is available worldwide in many languages.

David Lloyd
Stoke City FC
Leicestershire Police
Life Fitness
Stoke Park
Barrys Bootcamp
Life Leisure
Leicester City Council
East Staffordshire Council
Staffordshire Borough Council
Blackpool City Council
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Corby Borough Council
Central Bedfordshire Council
South Norfolk Council
Liverpool City Council
Blackburn with Darween
Stevenage Leisure Limited
EveryBody Cheshire
Impulse Leisure
SOLL Leisure
Link 4 Life
Nottingham Trent Uni
University of West England
Herts University
Impington College

Precision composition analysers

boditrax design and manufacture precision analysers for professional use including portable, mobile segmental and free standing monitors. The 780 models incorporate multi frequency technology to consistently produce repeatable, body composition analysis, accurate to 50 grams and accessed using beautiful software stored securely in the cloud.

Crafted from medical and aerospace grade electronics, metals and composites at our Nottingham headquarters, they carry warranties of up to five years. Their reliability and durability is tested every day in leading hospitals, universities, sports and health clubs.



Precision body composition & behavioural insight technology.


Made in England from advanced electronics, composites and metals.


20 clinically validated measures in 30 seconds


Trusted by the leading experts in healthcare, sport and leisure



- Body Fat mass and %

- Fat Free Mass

- Muscle Mass and %

- Total Body Water mass and %

- Extra Cellular Water mass and %

- Intra Cellular Water mass and %

- ECW/TBW Ratio

- Body Mass Index BMI

- Bone Mass and %

- Physique Rating

- Visceral Fat Rating cc

- Basal Metabolic Rate kcal

- Basal Metabolic Rate indicator

- Metabolic Age (against birth age)

- Body Fat Distribution

- Segmental readings for each leg, arm and trunk

- Phase Angle Readings (segmental and overall score)

- Weight Capacity 270kg



Complex data made simple via beautiful software


Securely cloud hosted and accessible anytime on any device


Agile and responsive. Online, or exported for embedding within other management reports


Record and track data collated from other medical devices, trackers and applications.


Technical Specification

Type Boditrax BTK780S


Width: 490mm / 640mm inc. Handgrips

Height: 1630mm

Depth: 720mm

Weight: 55 - 65kg depending on spec.

Operating Voltage: 240v AC 50Hz

Operating Current: 3A

Operating Temperature: 5 - 35°C


Hardware: RJ45 Port to LAN (Cat 5 or higher)

Minimum Download Speed: 1Mbps

Minimum Upload Speed: 512kbps

Maximum Response Time (Ping): 50ms

Data Usage: Approx 1.25Mb per user session

Beautiful, intuitive software

boditrax software delivers the data that matters most to our clients, anytime, anywhere on any device. Simple, beautiful and intuitive, it securely cloud stores body composition measurements, goal settings and progress tracking for review and interpretation via an engaging dashboard in English and many European languages.

boditrax software creates a detailed picture of behaviour and physical change. It links seamlessly to a range of other devices and social media platforms, is exportable and printable. Constantly evolving, we strive to support our users, whatever their journey.

boditrax software

Enhanced dynamic integrations

The more information we harvest, the more compelling the boditrax platform becomes. We achieve this through a continual process of integrating with other devices like Fitbit trackers, fitness equipment and other applications like Apple Healthkit.

We have an open API to allow communication with limitless other platforms. Our philosophy helps users choose where to view the data that matters to them. We strive to deliver this with a team of designer’s developers and engineers so every integration enhances the boditrax experience for professionals and users.

boditrax integrations

Insightful, agile reporting

boditrax has powerful, dynamic reporting so organisations are fully informed on how our technology is supporting their users.

Data on individuals or groups can be analysed using any combination of scan metrics, goal setting, progress tracking, user behaviour or interactions. A powerful engagement and retention platform, every day boditrax securely record and store tens of thousands of scans, accurately tracking changing body composition.

boditrax reporting

Evolved onboarding experience

The boditrax onboarding team have successfully managed hundreds of go live projects, working on installations of every scale from hospitals, universities, hotels and multi site leisure operators to elite sports and niche personal training boutiques.

Whether public or private sector, their ability to navigate the many, often complex stages of each application ensures that onboarding boditrax is a measured, timely and seamless experience.

boditrax onboarding
boditrax demonstration

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What clients said

Jumeirah Testimonial

"Great support and great, innovative product including hardware and software, they worked together with our IT Team to find the best solution."

Rita Movik
Jumeriah Hotels and Resorts
Stafford Borough Council Testimonial

"At Stafford Leisure Centre we needed a quick, non-invasive method of gaining accurate body stat measurements. Boditrax delivers this and provides detailed readings which can be used to monitor client progress. Boditrax is proving to be an invaluable tool in the delivery of our Cardiac Rehab and GP Referral Schemes."

John Martin
Stafford Borough Council
Westway Trust Testimonial

"The boditrax format goes into such massive detail but in such a friendly way that anyone can easily understand it. It has made goal setting for all my instructors and personal trainers so much easier. The main part of boditrax that is such a winner in my book is that is the best tool to use as an ice breaker, to build that special rapport with each member and to create an urgency around their progression and goals."

Koroush Nikpour Valiseh
Westway Trust
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Everybody is unique

Everyday thousands of our clients check their body compositon. We are all different. However, we averaged out our data to create a boditrax man and woman, how are you doing?


Average Male

36 yrs
178 cm
Body Weight
83 kg
Muscle Mass
63.6 kg
Fat Mass
16.5 kg
Water Percentage
57.8 %
Visceral Fat
6.9 cc
Metabolic Age
33 yrs

Average Female

36 yrs
165 cm
Body Weight
68 kg
Muscle Mass
45.2 kg
Fat Mass
20.7 kg
Water Percentage
50.6 %
Visceral Fat
4.4 cc
Metabolic Age
33 yrs

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